Columbia Gorge Fruit Growers

6/17/18 PEAR TREES AVAILABLE - 1,455 d'Anjou trees on OHxF 87 rootstock, 7/16 caliper. For more information, call Leonard at 541-308-6008.

4/16/18 CHERRY TREES AVAILABLE - 800 3/4-inch Lappins from C&O on Mazzard rootstock. Boxes of 161 trees average. Half-price  or best offer. For more information, call Don at 541-993-3380.

4/13/18 TRACTORS AVAILABLE - 2 New Holland TN85 orchard tractors available. For more information, call John at 541-993-3203.

4/13/18 TRACTOR TIRES AVAILABLE - 2 sets BKT rear tractor tires, size 14.9 - 24, 2 years old, good condition. For more information, contact Gary at 541-380-2535.

4/13/18 PEAR TREES AVAILABLE - 25 Golden Russet Bosc trees on OHxF97 rootstock. For more information, call Brian at 541-354-1495.

4/12/18 CHERRY TREES WANTED - 25 Regina trees, prefer Mazzard rootstock. For more information, call Jennifer at 541-806-0097.

4/10/18 CHERRY TREES WANTED - 10 Lapin trees on Mazzard rootstock. For more information, call Ken at 541-490-2310.

2/26/18 (3/14/18 UPDATE) - MANUFACTURED HOME AVAILABLE - Small 1975 double wide in good condition (flyer), approved for permitting in Hood River County. For more detail, call 541-619-01015 or 541-990-5952.


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